3D Projecting

Starting from some photos and drawings on the web, subject of comparisons and discussions, we managed to have a starting point for the model itself.

The project was drawn entirely from the first line to the last mesh with Rhinoceros 5.

This program allows us to interface directly with the 5 CNC machines used: cutting laser, marking laser, 3-axis milling cutter, 3d resin printing and 3d sinter printing.

The main glue was Rhino3d which served the various units as a platform.

Simgears - 3d Project of F16 ICP-LT Replica
3D Project of F16 ICP-LT Replica

Recent News

How we made our F16 ICP-LT: video

In this video Andrea Cerrone (CEO) shows you the various components of the ICP and explains the production processes used.