F16 ICP PRO - USB controller for flight simulations

high performance for flight simulation

Equipped with OTTO Dobber Switch!

SIMGEARS - F16ICP-LT Replica for Flight Simulators

Why the ICP-PRO version was born

Since the beginning we have tried and very often we have been able to improve our product. Precision finishes and maniacal solutions have made the Simgears ICP a faithful and reliable flight companion but above all balanced in the result cost benefit.

The PRO version was born both for request by some companies in the sector and by those who demand the most. We therefore replaced our Dobber switch solution with the component actually used on these devices and released one of the Thumbwheels from driving the light, allowing it to do it externally or via the supplied regulator or from your control panel.

The difference in cost is in fact linked to the single added components whose price is easily guessed and traceable. Everything else remains unchanged.


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Technical Specifications

Our ICP-PRO has the same technical specifications as the ICP-LT model, plus 2 features that make it the ideal product for those who want to get the best out of it:

Simgears ICP PRO - OTTO Dobber Switch

Equipped with OTTO Dobber Switch

A Dobber Switch that features high durability and strength, made by OTTO with the highest quality components.

Light externally dimmable

You can adjust the light of the device with supplied external 4-position voltage regulator or with direct connection to the corresponding panel of your simulator.

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F16 ICP PRO USB Controller

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From: 515,00 Excl. Taxes (IVA/VAT) and Shipment

F16 ICP PRO – Usb controller for flight simulation systems. You can add mounting box or full stand, and DED.


F16 ICP PRO USB Controller [standalone]

Replica of the integrated control panel of the F-16 from block 30 to block 52, equipped with OTTO Dobber Switch and with external light regulation option. Every single piece can be customized with engraved text (fill the field below before adding the product to your cart). Minimum assembling and shipping time: 2 weeks. This unit DOESN'T include stand and mounting frame.

515,00 Excl. Taxes (IVA/VAT) and Shipment

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Table Stand for Simgears F16 ICP

Table Stand for Simgears F16 ICP series, made in high tickness cast PMMA.
Suitable for VESA mount and Monstertech plates Center MFD.

Mounting Frame for F16 ICP Series (F16 HUD box)

Mounting Frame for F16 ICP-LT and ICP-PRO Replicas, suitable for VESA mount and Monstertech plates Center MFD.

F16 DED - Data Entry Display

F16 DED (Data Entry Display) with 3,2 Inches screen based on monochrome OLED technology.

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The F16 ICP-PRO USB Controller is a perfect replica of the same size, color and function as the real F16 ICP, with aircraft-grade surface finishes.
With fully programmable DirectX keys and 4 analog wheels, it is fully and easily programmable via software.
The PRO version differs from the LT for the following improvements:

  • The device has installed the T4-CN211 from OTTO which is equivalent to the dobber switch of the real ICP.
  • The lights can be controlled externally by means of a special trimmer or can be controlled directly from your simulator.

USB ready: acts like an HID interface, so it doesn’t require any custom software.
The bottom and rear panel are in powder-coated aluminum for better heat dissipation.
It runs on the Windows® operating system and is compatible with the Falcon 4, DCS F16 and Flight Simulator platforms.
ICP-PRO incorporates universal and first quality components, easily available on the markets.
CE compliant.

Additional information

Dimensions 22 × 22 × 22 cm

F16 ICP PRO USB Controller [standalone]

Weight 1 kg

Table Stand for Simgears F16 ICP

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 22 cm

Mounting Frame for F16 ICP Series (F16 HUD box)

Weight 0,5 kg

F16 DED - Data Entry Display

Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 14 × 7,5 cm
Display Color

Green, Yellow Orange

2 reviews for F16 ICP PRO USB Controller

  1. Frank Oldale (verified owner)

    I have been using the F16 ICP PRO in VR for close to a year. the accuracy of its replication makes using it in VR easy and quick to use. Excited to see what the deskpit looks like. Extremely happy with this ICP

  2. Patrik Hildingsson (verified owner)

    I used to have the ICP 2021-version. The PRO-version is an upgrade worth its name. The tactile buttons and the most excellent dobber switch really makes a huge difference when flying the F-16 in VR. Setting up the PRO in BMS and DCS was as easy as setting up the 2021/LT-version. Since the PRO has a unique model number all of the relevant controls had to be mapped again after replacing the 2021/LT with the PRO.

    Strongly recommended product!

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