Elevating quality: introducing our new ICP Thumbwheels

In our continuous quest to provide the most authentic and high-fidelity flight simulation components, we are excited to unveil the latest change in our Integrated Control Panel (ICP) models: new enhanced Thumbwheels. This update mark a significant advancement in our commitment to “Everything but a game,” delivering unparalleled realism that meets the exacting standards of military pilots and simulation aficionados alike.

Simgears ICP - New Thumbwheels
Simgears ICP – New Thumbwheels

Precision Crafted from PA12
The material selection for any component is critical, not just for durability but also for the authenticity of the simulation experience. Our new thumbwheels are crafted from PA12, a high-grade polyamide that offers exceptional resilience and stability. This choice ensures that each thumbwheel not only withstands the rigors of extended use but also closely mimics the tactile feel of the thumbwheels found in actual aircraft, providing a more immersive experience.

Hand-Painted with Precision
Each thumbwheel undergoes a meticulous hand-painting process. This step is crucial in replicating the exact look and feel of the original equipment used in combat aircraft. Hand painting allows for finer detail and a level of customization that machine painting simply cannot match.

Authentic Replication
We worked tirelessly to ensure that the new thumbwheels are not just functional replicas but also visually and tactically as similar as possible to their real-world counterparts. The attention to detail in the design process reflects our deep understanding and respect for the equipment used by the armed forces. For enthusiasts and professional pilots, the feel, response, and aesthetics of the controls are crucial for a truly immersive simulation.

Our new ICP thumbwheels will be mounted on all our ICP models and are more than just components: they are a bridge between the virtual and the real, enhancing the training and enjoyment of pilots and enthusiasts worldwide. By incorporating high-quality materials like PA12 and employing artisan techniques in the painting process, we bring each simulation experience closer to reality. This commitment to authenticity is what sets our products apart in the world of flight simulation.

We invite you to experience the difference with our new ICP thumbwheels—crafted for precision, designed for realism, and built for durability. Whether training for real-world missions or engaging in simulation for passion, our products ensure that every interaction is meaningful and every moment is as real as it gets.

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