How to plug-in the ICP-LT and how the device is recognized by OS

In this short video you will see how to plug-in the ICP-LT and how the OS recognizes the device.

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Ok, guys!
In this short video we are gonna show you how the ICP works when you plug-in it in a Windows system.

So, the system device is here, the ICP, so you open the right page of the game controllers and you just simply plug-in the cable and the system will see, of course, the line of Sim Gears that belongs to the device and with a double-click you have the property manager of the device.

As you see, all the thumbwheels are recognized and, this one here, I’ll move it from the back, lower on the right will also trim the lights up and down, so you can use, during the flight, the light level that you want.

Any button is assigned to a direct-X so, once in the simulator, you can tide-up or link the buttons with what you want.
You got the hat with 4 hat-switches and the level one in momentum (see that there are all the keys assigned).

That’s it: quite simple to use and to assign the keys in the simulator.
So, thank you for your time guys, see you next! Ciao ciao!

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  1. Hello Daniel
    Yes you have to assign keys one by one.We are working on a software that will easily let you program it but not ready yet.
    Any buttons is seen as a DX so you have to assign one by one
    AS discuss on FB i think you already solve it
    A video of the full set of the icp will be release shortly
    Kind regards

    1. Hello Gary
      The ICP is recognized as a HID interface so you just need to plug it and after seen it inside the Windows control panel as Simgears (IT) just go inside any software like BMS and DCS and assign directly any button one by one.
      We are working on a dedicated software to do it with some standdard profile to load but it doesn’t add too much to the device. Let us know if it is ok once received

      1. How on earth do I set the buttons one by one?
        Where do I set the numbers? The dobber? There isn’t an option on dcs for numbers

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