If you need to cut or make bas-relief works, we can help you:
thanks to our milling service you can obtain the perfect result on many different materials.

Excellent for cutting and bas-relief

3200 X 1600 mm. Work Area

A wide working area for medium and big productions with a wide range of millable materials.


With its three-axis numerical control, it performs both cutting and bas-relief works.

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Simgears Engraving service

about the Milling Machine

The Mecanumeric three-axis CNC milling cutter MecaPro 3020 series is the ideal partner for machining up to 190 mm thickness with a remarkable range of machinable materials like plexiglass, Lexan compact polycarbonate, ABS pvc, dibond and both compact and multilayer wood.

With the 3-axis cutter it is possible to perform three-dimensional cutting or bas-relief work only front or back.

The working area, very large, can reach up to 3200 mm. x 1600 mm.


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