Our tools of the trade

Our products are born from the desire to continue to do things that we love and to accompany our daily work with our project: it’s just a matter of will and dedication.

The following tools have been used to make our first product and can be used in the following ones, whether they are our projects or yours, whether they are one, ten or one hundred thousand.

Giving shape to small big dreams is our main source of energy.

3D Printing

Resin printing for prototype DWS 2500 SD

We use the DWS 2500SD system for the first prototype.

Quickly and directly on site we give shape to ideas.

Accuracy to 6 microns and 17 types of testable materials, ranging from transparent resin to high temperature thermoplastics.

The DWS is a dental precision machine: through specific software such as Nauta, we can quickly prototype every single part.

Simgears - 3d Printing Service

3D Laser Sintering Printing

Additive production - HP 5210 MJF Laser Sintering

Once the products with the prototype were defined, the production was carried out in collaboration with Treddy S.r.l.: the only company in central and southern Italy to adopt laser sintering 3d printing technologies of latest generation.

We believe a lot in company networks, in sharing human and technological resources and Treddy company is the best we have found.

Visit treddy.it website

Simgears Teddy laser sintering 3d

Laser Etching

OT-Las CX-RF777

The marking of products such as ICP is done through the best marking technology for precision, speed and detail.

The laser marking machine is made with Italian technology and has countless applications.

We carry out laser marking directly inhouse, with full control of the production flow.
The optical system is of the highest precision and the laser source has a continuous power of up to 750W.

simgears Blitzincisioi laser etching

Laser Cutting

Cutlite Penta PLN 1000W CO2-2T

Our in-house Cutlite laser system allows us to work with a wide variety of materials thanks to the power available.

Convinced that every material must have a dedicated machine, the PLN system is mainly used for plexiglass and similar materials such as PET and PETG.

The high speed and precision applicable on formats of 3000×2000 mm, thanks to the double cutting head, allows us high production rates.

The semi-sealed CO2 technology also allows to maintain a constant efficiency in the cutting properties.

Simgears Laser Cutting Service


SD-Italy Augusta F150R - Mecanumeric Mecapro 310

These are 13 stations tool changers machineries and are used for cutting or three-dimensional bas-relief work on non laser-treatable materials such as polycarbonate, Dibond and PVC.

The working surface is 3100×2200 mm, for materials up to 150mm high. The cut is by vibrated blade or knife. 

Simgears Engraving service

Our experience at your service

If you are dreaming about your project or if you are already working on it, we can help you.

Our experience and the technologies that we know and apply could be very helpful for you.
For example, you can make prototypes for your tests and then move on to mass production.

We can help you achieve your goals

Ask for a quotation on our services

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