SIMGEARS - F16 ICP-SE - Device for F16 Digital Combat Simulators


SIMGEARS - F16ICP-LT Replica for Flight Simulators


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Simgears - Table PMMA stand for ICP-SE

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Introducing the new F16 ICP-SE

Simgears proudly presents the ICP-SE, a special edition model celebrating two significant milestones: the production of our 1000th unit and the establishment of Simgears LTD. This edition is a proof of our commitment to excellence and innovation in the world of flight simulation.

Advanced Electronics for Great Precision
The ICP-SE inherits its core electronic foundation from the acclaimed LT model, featuring a PIC18F-based component that ensures reliability and high performance. This sophisticated technology guarantees that each interaction with the ICP-SE is precise, offering a good simulation experience.

Ergonomically Calibrated Controls
Every button on the ICP-SE has been calibrated to provide tactile feedback that mimics the real controls found in combat aircraft. This attention to detail ensures that pilots can act swiftly and accurately, enhancing the realism of their simulation experience.

Premium Materials for Durability and Aesthetics
Constructed from cast PMMA, the ICP-SE is not only durable but also visually striking. Each unit undergoes a six-step painting process using non-toxic materials, ensuring that the simulator’s appearance is as impressive as its performance. The use of cast PMMA guarantees a product that is both safe and long-lasting, embodying Simgears’s dedication to quality.

Innovative Thumbwheels for Enhanced Interaction
A standout feature of the ICP-SE is its new thumbwheels, made from PA12 using additive 3D printing. This advanced manufacturing technique allows for precise control and durability. The inclusion of a graduated scale on the thumbwheels adds an extra layer of realism, providing pilots with accurate feedback for adjustments.

Versatile Mounting Options
The ICP-SE comes with a robust 15mm black plexiglass stand, offering both aesthetic appeal and stability. Designed to be compatible with Monstertech mounts or to function as a self-supporting unit, the stand provides flexibility in setup, ensuring that the ICP-SE can easily integrate into any simulation rig.

Beyond Simulation: An Experience Rooted in Authenticity
The Simgears ICP-SE is more than just a piece of equipment; it’s an invitation to experience flight simulation with a high level of realism and precision. Designed for enthusiasts and professionals alike, the ICP-SE is an essential component for those who seek an engaging flight simulation experience.

Sustainability and Recycling of Materials
In line with our commitment to sustainability without compromising on quality, the ICP-SE is crafted from premium materials, including cast PMMA and aluminum. These choices reflect our dedication to environmental responsibility, as both materials are not only durable and high-grade but also fully recyclable.

Technical Specifications

Replica ICP F16
Size Real size
Compliance CE compliant
Finishings Aeronautical type surface finishings
Connection Full USB ready (USB 2.0 – USB 3.0) – acts like a HID interface
Keys Full DirectX programmable
Thumbwheels 4 (analog axes)
Lights Dimmable backlight
Platforms Falcon 4.0, DCS F16 and Flight Simulator platforms
Setup Entirely and easily programmable
Components Universal and easily available components
Operating System Microsoft® Windows 10® and newer

Shell and Structure

Opal-led Plexiglas faceplate machined with milling cutter
Bottom and 20/10 (2mm) Backplate made in aluminium and powder coated NEW!
Thumbwheels made in 3D printing PA12, new Black graduated scale and internal 4mm bearing balls. Active angle = 305° – 10k Ohm 1% tolerance and on-off function.
Technique of cubic painting and anti-scratch treatments
3d STL 6 micron printing
Laser markings RF technology

Electronic Components

Designed and manufactured by an electronic engineer with decades of experience n GPS in miniature
Components from well established and easily available houses on the market
2 layer technology and SMD welding made by specialized companies
Pending issue of CE certification and in exploration costs FCC certifications

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F16 ICP SE USB Controller

From: 239,00 Excl. Taxes (IVA/VAT) and Shipment

F16 ICP SE – Usb controller for flight simulation systems. Included: Table Stand in PMMA. Optional: you can add Mounting Box and DED.

F16 ICP SE USB Controller [standalone]

Replica of the integrated control panel of the F-16 from block 30 to block 52.

239,00 Excl. Taxes (IVA/VAT) and Shipment

In stock

Table Stand for Simgears F16 ICP


0,00 Excl. Taxes (IVA/VAT) and Shipment

In stock

F16 DED - Data Entry Display

F16 DED (Data Entry Display) with 3,2 Inches screen based on monochrome OLED technology.

Mounting Frame for F16 ICP Series (F16 HUD box)

Mounting Frame for F16 ICP LT, PRO and SE Replicas, suitable for VESA mount and Monstertech plates Center MFD.

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F16 ICP-SE USB controller is a replica of the same size and colouring of the real F16 ICP, with aeronautical type surface finishings.
With full DirectX programmable keys and 4 analog thumbwheels, it’s entirely and easily programmable via software. The device has dimmable lights and is full USB ready: it acts like a HID interface, so it doesn’t require any custom driver.
The device works on Windows® OS and is compatible with Falcon 4, DCS F16 and Flight Simulator platforms.
ICP-SE incorporates universal components, easily available on the markets.
CE compliant.

Additional information

Dimensions 22 × 22 × 22 cm

F16 ICP SE USB Controller [standalone]

Weight 0,8 kg

Table Stand for Simgears F16 ICP

Weight 1 kg

F16 DED - Data Entry Display

Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 14 × 7,5 cm
Display Color

Green, Yellow Orange

Mounting Frame for F16 ICP Series (F16 HUD box)

Weight 0,5 kg


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