If you need to turn your project into reality, we can help you:
thanks to 3D printing you can make prototypes and small productions without start-up costs.

The best solution for prototypes and small productions

180 mm. diameter Work Area

The ideal solution for industrial design and prototyping. Perfect for small and medium dimensions items.

12 types of material available

Acrylic resins, ABS-like, polypropylene-like, clear, flexible and rubber-like, wax-like and nano-ceramic materials.

If you want to realize your project, or even a simple prototype, send us your file and we’ll give you a quote right away.

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about the 3D printer

XFAB 2500 SD is the innovative desktop version 3D printer containing the same technology used in DWS professional printers.

XFAB 2500 SD is the ideal solution for industrial design and prototyping.

The high resolution and professional experience is now accessible to everyone: 180 mm diameter work area, compact design for professional use, 12 types of materials available for industrial applications, for the educational sector and makers.

The materials are designed, developed and produced internally by DWS, with the aim of guaranteeing the highest printing quality, the best definition of the finished product and optimal physical-mechanical characteristics. Materials include: acrylic resins, ABS-like, polypropylene-like, clear, flexible and rubber-like, wax-like and nano-ceramic materials.

The intelligent cartridges of the XFAB series have been designed to ensure hygiene, to avoid the risk of accidental spills and to guarantee rapid material change. Thanks to the automatic extrusion mechanism inside the XFAB printer, no manual intervention is required.

XFAB 2500 SD incorporates the advanced technology of DWS professional systems, such as the sophisticated TTT System (Tank Translation Technology), a DWS patent, which ensures uniform wear of the tray and prevents damage to the laser.

The BluEdge® laser developed by DWS is accurate, precise and calibrated to obtain smooth surfaces that do not require further finishing. The laser is designed to be resistant and durable over time and does not require maintenance.

The XFAB series has proprietary parametric software for automatic support generation. Nauta XFAB Edition allows you to modify the supports, alter the orientation and position of the object on the platform before printing, maximizing the quality of the produced object. The resulting file is imported into the Fictor XFAB Edition software for managing the printing process.

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