Driven by a unique passion:
the military flight and its procedures used, studied, learned and discussed with many wing mates spread throughout Europe and America.

A project inspired by experience

This is my formative and cognitive path, in the world of the virtual simulation: a world made of contacts, friends and some virtual “enemy” met in the various dogfight.


Virtual Flight Groups

Andrea Cerrone – CEO

Simgears - CEO

Commitment and Motivation

The need to equip oneself with the simplest interface tools necessary to “keep the guard up”, and the fortune of having a laboratory specialized in plastics processing has stimulated over time the need to build the various accessories essential for the simulated flight.

Among them, more or less available on the market, the famous ICP represented the most interesting challenge to be completed.

After evaluating the various technical solutions the best way to go was that of 3d sintering printing: hours of trials and attempts led to the realization of our first product that wanted to be the right compromise between quality and price.

Trying to democratize the simulated flight made as realistically as possible seemed right.


Who's behind Simgears


The people who have employed work and dedication in the Simgears project. 

Andrea Cerrone

- CEO -
Inspirer, CAD designer, beta-tester on Falcon4

Andrea Gradi

Laser cutting and 3D printing manager

Luigi Monaco

Hardware assembly and electronic test manager

Gino Pesca

Beta-tester on F16 DCS, currently active on GVV 1St european time zone

Morgan Zenere

Beta-tester on F16 DCS and VR platform

Who we were, who we are


Simgears was born as an offshoot of TSM multisource company, that in 2006 split to today’s Plexismart company with established expertise in plastics processing and specifically of Plexiglas and polycarbonates.

Within his laboratory of 700 square meters, Plexismart has many control machines that can realize most of the modern machining operations on the most disparate materials.

Plexismart also owns the ability to design and manufacture electronic bases more or less advanced, programmable or simple I / O interfaces.

Passions are passions and one for flight simulators basically never dormant.

After countless nights spent without sleep, with simulators and design parts for a cockpit that has never found enough space in our rooms, driven by the passion for simulators we have decided to give birth to this small website and try to condense it into our projects.

Simgears primary mission is to offer a cutting of various materials such as Plexiglas in its various families, polycarbonates, wood and aluminum.

Such cuts can be made by milling or laser cutting or machining center with 5 axes.

Side project at the moment is the realization of the interface used primarily on ICP ‘F16 Fighting Falcon and the updated version of the A-10C.

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Simgears - Design