How to setup the Simgears F16 ICP STAND and Mounting Frame

In this video we explain how to mount our F16 ICP stand and how to attach the frame, suitable for VESA mount and Monstertech plates Center MFD.

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Hello, hello everyone. A small video to show you how to set up this mounting frame for the ICP LT version and PRO version. They are both the same, so on the mounting frame we use this part that already has 4 screw for the VESA standard 75 mm. In the back you have also the USB cable for the LT and on the PRO you have also the power control set up. (Another cable that came out from the back).

Then some people is asking how to install or use the new stand that we are shipping already. We switched from the other model for different reasons, mostly for the ability to stay very stable on the table and the shipping price that raise a lot when you use a very heavy block of plexiglass. So actually, as said before, this is made by the frame that has inside the ICP and also the full frame is made by two 15 mm of plexiglass in black already, where you have engraved the F16 ICP version PRO or LT and the name of the company.

On the other side you have a transparent green 10 mm thickness plexiglass that you need to screw on the the black legs so you have this screw here with a bold head that you need to screw on this part and this one is used to fix the stand on the ICP, so you got the name looking outside, the leg put in this direction and also you need to put a screw on this place… 4 screws on this place and 4 screws on the back. As it is, at the end you have this result.

So, this is the final result of the stand. Stand for using, for example, everything like Monstertech or whatever that has got the VESA standard in the back. If I’m able to open this bag… So, I hope this helps to sort it out for all of you guys. Okay… we are a bit proud about this cuz it’s made with a recycled plexiglass and so we don’t throw it into the garbage but we made some useful stands. Thank you!

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