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Call for Deskpit beta-testers

We developed our new Deskpit and are searching for 3 DESKPIT BETA-TESTERS! If you want to help us to improve our product, please do one of the following:

  •  tag us in your stories on Facebook or Instagram (or both, if you want) and explain why we should choose you
  •  send us an e-mail to info@simgears.com and explain why we should choose you.

Among all the applications, we will choose the people who seem most motivated and competent.


If you will be chosen, you will be asked to tell us your address and we’ll send you our Deskpit; once you receive it, you will be asked to test it and fill a questionnaire to send us back.

  • evaluate the packaging and assembly instructions;
  • evaluate the installation of the product;
  • evaluate the quality of the product;
  • evaluate positioning and ergonomics;
  • evaluate stability and stress response;
  • evaluate ease of hardware removal when not doing flying sessions;
  • evaluate the improvement of the flying experience;
  • if using VR, evaluate matching in virtual reality environment.

Please follow us on our social profiles and pages on Instagram and Facebook and help us to spread!
Beta-testers will be chosen within the end of July.

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