An Exclusive Sneak Peek: The New Deskpit – Innovation and Quality at the Core of Virtual Flight

We are thrilled to share with you the latest developments regarding the much-anticipated release of our Deskpit. As you may recall, we announced this project some time ago, and after thorough testing and refinements, we are now ready to unveil the final mockup of the product.

We have dedicated time and resources to achieve an optimal compromise, ensuring that the Deskpit meets both your expectations and our stringent quality standards. The result is a product distinguished by its CNC-machined aluminum construction, providing both robustness and elegance to the device.

Simgears project
Simgears project

The Deskpit is not just a simple flight simulator but an assembly-inspired product reminiscent of the F16 Block 52 desk. Its versatility extends to the integration of previous market offerings, such as ICP controls, providing an even more comprehensive flight experience.

Furthermore, we have designed the Deskpit to be expandable, allowing for the inclusion of custom screens and ensuring a personalized and engaging flight experience. We prioritize your comfort and customization freedom, enabling you to travel with your simulator without worrying about bulky dimensions or excessive costs.

We do not want to disclose an official date for the Deskpit’s unveiling, but we can assure you that the time is near. Our philosophy is clear: we do not produce for the masses, but we are committed to delivering highly professional products. We aim to bring the flight simulator as close as possible to reality while keeping costs accessible to all enthusiasts.

The Deskpit, primarily composed of lightweight hypotechnical aluminum, will be painted with electrocoating and equipped with anti-aggression clamping to preserve material integrity. The precisely machined structure ensures stability over time and resistance to wear.

We appreciate your patience and the enthusiasm you have shown for this project. We are confident that the Deskpit will live up to your expectations, and we promise to share further details soon.

Regarding the throttle lever, we are pleased to announce that the electronic component is fully completed. The machining part has been executed with utmost care, featuring a grip obtained through 5-axis machining, ensuring precise and intuitive control during flight.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

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