Perfect Rotation

Simgears - F16 ICP-LT thumbwheel assembly

Not satisfied with the feeling and the lack of continuity in the rotating movement, we decided to find a practical and fast solution to solve this problem. We put a bearing in the TW ? And for the excessive sliding… no problem: a grain screw placed on the bottom allows us to adjust the hardness […]

3D Printing

Simgears ICP-LT parts 3D printing

The 3D printing process with our DWS has an accuracy of 6 microns. The additive printing, on the other hand, makes it possible to obtain a print with an accuracy of 0.1mm but with an extremely high production speed. Moreover, the additive printing has only one type of finishing which, however, provides a rough sanding […]

Device Electronics

Simgears ICP-LT device electronics

Once the PCB has been sized, its overall dimensions and certain of the functioning of both the logic and the ability to correctly illuminate the frontplate. The buttons are made of cast PMMA of the same family of the front plate.The components will be painted with polyurethane paints first in silver and then in FS […]