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Simgears F16 ICP-LT flight simulator replica

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SIMGEARS - F16ICP-LT Replica for Flight Simulators


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Technical Specifications

Replica ICP F16
Size Real size
Compliance CE compliant
Match Colouring and functioning as a real ICP
Finishings Aeronautical type surface finishings
Connection Full USB ready (USB 2.0 – USB 3.0) – acts like a HID interface
Keys Full DirectX programmable
Thumbwheels 4 (analog axes)
Lights Dimmable backlight
Platforms Falcon 4.0, DCS F16 and Flight Simulator platforms
Setup Entirely and easily programmable
Components Universal and easily available components
Customization Laser engraving (20 characters)
Operating System Microsoft® Windows 10® and newer

Shell and Structure

Opal-led Plexiglas faceplate machined with milling cutter
Bottom and 20/10 (2mm) Backplate made in aluminium and powder coated NEW!
TW made around an inox bearing ball with precision CNC machine with bearing and setscrew feed adjustment Elec. angle = 305° – 10k Ohm 1% tolerance
Technique of cubic painting and anti-scratch treatments
3d STL 6 micron printing
Laser markings RF technology

Electronic Components

Designed and manufactured by an electronic engineer with decades of experience n GPS in miniature
Components from well established and easily available houses on the market
2 layer technology and SMD welding made by specialized companies
Pending issue of CE certification and in exploration costs FCC certifications

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F16 ICP LT USB Controller

(12 customer reviews)

269,00 Excl. Taxes (IVA/VAT) and Shipment

Replica of the integrated control panel of the F-16 from block 30 to block 52. Every single piece can be customized with engraved text (fill the field below before adding the product to your cart).

Simgears - Free device support included in the pre-sale offer You will receive the device stand for free!

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F16 ICP-LT USB controller is a perfect replica of the same size, colouring and functioning as the real F16 ICP, with aeronautical type surface finishings.
With full DirectX programmable keys and 4 analog thumbwheels, it’s entirely and easily programmable via software. The device has dimmable lights and is full USB ready: it acts like a HID interface, so it doesn’t require any custom driver.
The device works on Windows® OS and is compatible with Falcon 4, DCS F16 and Flight Simulator platforms.
ICP-LT incorporates universal components, easily available on the markets.
CE compliant.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 20 cm

12 reviews for F16 ICP LT USB Controller

  1. Luc Toussaint (verified owner)

    Excellent product for a very good price. Installed it in DCS with the F16 module and it works perfectly.
    This unit is actually the heart of the F16, which you often use as a pilot.
    A completely different experience than using a mouse. Just think of entering navigation points, changing radio frequencies, chaff and flares settings and so much more …
    The perfect unit for me.
    Thanks Andrea for bringing us this experience at a competitive price.

  2. dooseok lee (verified owner)

    It will be the highest quality ICP in the existing ICP.
    It works perfectly on BMS.
    The design is the same as the actual fuselage.
    Thank you so much for making the best product.^^

  3. Skybrush (verified owner)

    I got my ICP three days ago on my birthday. Never I got such a nice gift! The ICP is absolutely amazing in detail and functionalitiy. It works and looks great. I am so happy with this. It perfectly fits in the HUD Block of my homecockpit. Many thanks for this! And please keep on doing this good job.

  4. Jaap Frik (verified owner)

    I ordered this ICP for my home cockpit to use with Falcon BMS and DCS F16 module. The ICP came after a week and a half, after placing the order. It came in a box with very nice box art on it and was really sturdy packed in. You known immediately care was taken to ensure no damage occured during shipping. Installation was very straight forward. You plug the USB in your computer and go to the control options in-game to assign the buttons. No problems here as well. Build quality is also very good. Nice soft touch buttons and green back lighting controlled with one of the thumb wheels. The fit in my cockpit was perfect as well, since it’s the same size as a real life ICP.
    I can recommend this product to any flightsim enthusiast/home cockpit builder.

    During my order is sent some email to ask a couple of questions and they were answered quite fast with detailed answers.
    Great service as well!

  5. Charles Magrin (verified owner)

    I received one of the first batch ICP and the feeling on the buttons was not great, as I notified the team, they kindly sent me a brand new one that works perfectly. I can’t see myself going back to using the mouse for ICP interactions anymore !

  6. halihl (verified owner)

    I have now received and tried out the ICP.
    I must say I am really satisfied with your product.
    – It was easy to install.
    – It didn’t feel cheap.
    – It absolutely lifted the simulation experience. I don’t have to let go of the joystick anymore while handling the computer mouse to operating the ICP.
    And the panel is easy to navigate on even when using VR.
    I can absolutely recommend your ICP to those who wonder if it’s worth it’s money. I would be surprised if it’s possible to get closer to the real deal.

  7. Justin (verified owner)

    Great product added immersion to my rig. Product does not feel cheap and was easy to map controls on DCS with no download. I recommend the ICP to everyone that enjoys flying the F16 whether in DCS or Falcon BMS

  8. Engin Ciftci (verified owner)

    As one of the first customer of this masterpiece, I only can say, this is one of the greatest addition to my little deskpit and I am very satisfied. I no longer waste my time using mouse to use the ICP, it’s right at my fingertips. As you know this is essential and one of the most used part in the cockpit.
    It came with a nice box and the ICP itself was very well packed in the box. The ICP is 1:1 to the real thing, the shape and dimensions of the buttons and the dimension of the ICP and it looks very nice.
    Also the installation was very easy as in Windows aswell in DCS for me.
    For those who are in doubt, I strongly recommend this product and would say, go for it!
    Thanks Simgears, many thanks Andrea!

  9. P3r86Web (verified owner)

    After a super fast shipping I have now recieved the ICP.
    The ICP arrived in a very secure package.

    Now for the ICP itself:
    – Like advertised in the video installation and configuration was very simple. Nothing needed to be changed regarding the axis of the rotating knobs.
    – The ICP is preinstalled to the free device stand, which is also very well manufactured.
    – Every Button has a tactile feedback and nothing fires by accident. Very VR friendly.
    – Looks like the real thing and is very well built.
    – Mapping in DCS took no time at all.

    This is a massive step up for me in the DCS F16. It just feels so much better than using the mouse. Creating Markpoints, changing settings on the fly starts too feel natural after a few hours. Also with some creativity regarding the mapping in DCS you can easily use this for other planes like the JF17, Harrier, etc..
    Andrea was also fast and very helpful when I contacted them.

    Thank you Sim Gears for enriching the flightsim world with this great product!

  10. Apostolos Bardis (verified owner)

    This is an awesome ICP. All keys register, no fuss. Unlike another that is around.
    I wish this existed earlier. Amazing quality

    • Simgears

      Tons of hours of work behind this project.Thank you for your comment.Regards

  11. wjtrefil1983 (verified owner)

    I am SO PLEASED with this ICP. I had no problems setting it up in BMS. everything works as advertised. I highly recommend this ICP for anyone who wants to add more realism to the F16 cockpit. Andrea was very helpful with my pre-purchase questions. Shipping via UPS was very good. Packing of the product was excellant. Cant say anything more except THANK YOU SimGears!

  12. Luke (verified owner)

    A top quality product, customer service is also extremely helpful and quick! I recommend it to every person who wants to make their flying station more realistic!

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